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Hi! Heartily welcome to the Clicktechnews.com Family. 

We have received a lot of guest posts, but we don’t publish all of them. We always maintain the quality of the content before publishing. We’re not here to just pump out content, and we want to give our readers something of real value.

We also know that publication might be a part of how your brand or marketing plan develops, and we respect that. So could you give it a look?

Content Guidelines: Write For Us

You can use tips, case studies, and practical advice about social media, digital marketing, or other related topics. If you have an idea for writing articles, you must check before our site whether it’s already been written or not. We probably won’t use your article if we don’t think it’s related enough or if it’s too similar to another article.

It must be written in good English with no spelling or grammar mistakes. Your content must be up-to-date, original, and not posted anywhere in the blogs.

The article word count should be 750 -1000 words. 

Adding headings and sub-headings, you must give credit to the original source.

Sharing feature images would be an added value to your content. Please remind that the image should be copyright free. 

Your target keywords are 100% relevant to your content. If we find any false actions, we never post your content now and after. 

Your article must contain a meta title, description, and meta keywords. The word count should be based on Google guidelines. 


We know what backlinks are and why it’s important to have them. If you want the Do-Follow links, please get in touch with us via the form. 

Whether free or sponsored posts, content quality is important. Your English must be user-friendly and easily understandable by the audience. 

We don’t accept links to sites with adult content, gambling, dating, CBD, vaping, or adult content.

For additional information, you may contact us via the contact form.