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Top 5 Most Interesting And Beneficial Websites For Linux Users


Some websites should not be ignored by anyone using Linux or any of its distributions. As someone who has spent a long time using Windows, learning to use Linux may be both exciting and challenging. Although the penguin’s operating system (named Tux) has a graphical interface. That is quite similar to Microsoft’s, some aspects demand more in-depth understanding. The command line may be required to execute various tasks, so think about it. This is both intriguing and perhaps a risk for anyone who is trying to contact the platform.

1. ArchWiki

ArchWiki, an online encyclopedia in the vein of Wikipedia, provides a wealth of knowledge about how the operating system works and how to solve any problem you may experience. Although the site is not for all, it is important to have a working understanding of Linux to grasp the content. In addition, it is geared for Arch users and explains the differences between Arch and other distributions. Although the Ubuntu Wiki is still in its infancy. You may be able to find easy answers to some of the most prevalent issues.

2. ProtonDB and AppDB

Even on Linux distributions, Wine may used to run all Windows-based applications. No matter how you look at it, Wine is not a realistic emulation, but rather a piece of application that enables running applications. You have to take advantage of key Windows functionalities necessary for their functioning. It is important to know ahead of time how successful Wine can be in this given scenario, as not all apps operate optimally on Linux.

AppDB, a website that allows you to read user reviews and then assess the overall performance of the software you want to use, can come to our rescue. Even if you don’t need video editing software, it’s a good idea to check out what other people have to say about the products you’re considering purchasing.

Proton is a Wine-based software application developed by Valve that allows Linux players to access native Windows video games. For some games, it is necessary to have a suitable operating system for it to work. ProtonDB, a database of video game ratings and reviews powered by Proton. Serves as a counterpoint to AppDB in this situation.

3. Phoronix Linux

New Linux users may face the frustration of getting stuck with machines that do not support the operating system and cannot install it. Using the Phoronix website, you can keep track of the progress and learn when the issue will addressed. A list of the latest kernel updates that enable you to utilize a given computer component. The site’s benchmarks section also provides information on the performance of other components, such as CPUs, graphics cards, and so on.

4. DistroWatch Linux

Those who have never used Linux before tend to stick with the most popular one (Ubuntu) instead of trying out other options. This is where the DistroWatch site comes into play, where you can get all of the latest updates. Even more, you can get user reviews for every form of Linux distribution, both within and outside the site.

If you’d like to discover which distribution has garnered the most important in the modern months or years, there is a special rating. Specifically, every time one of them visits their websites, they are tracked. As a non-quality-based form of evaluation, this isn’t the best approach to discovering new Linux distributions and their features. DistroWatch provides a number of links to the following source:

  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Tutorials on a wide range of Linux-related topics

5. Gaming On Linux

If you’d like to learn more about Linux gaming, check out Here, you’ll discover a wealth of useful information on Linux gaming. Tux news and updates, as well as information about running Windows games under Wine or Proton, may all found here for you to peruse. First impressions are important, so imagine this is your first encounter with the penguin operating system.

Gaming On Linux can also show you which Linux operating system is the most popular, what hardware characteristics the computers have, and which drivers can used to get them back. Additionally, if you’re seeking online video games, you may use the site’s search function to narrow your results. Open-source games may be a good way to evaluate your abilities as a game creator. 

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